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We bring  products and lifestyles alive with images.

Our Story telling Yogi’s are like no one else!
Can we put a story together for you, using video, cinemagraphs and advanced social media techiques?

About Us

So what is a YogaCabra?

YogaCabra is the friendly cousin of the Porta Rican legion the Chupacabra a creature know for sucking life blood out of goats.   Yogi  says Chupa was a product of a wild imagination but a heck of a good story.

Our team takes wild imaginations and convert them into  stories that will inspire.  We  animated this picture, ran it in social media and delivered client to a landing page. We can sell vacations, clothing and anything else with the talanted digital  YogaCabra artists.

We are a TRIBE and you can join us,  search YogaCabra on Facebook!

Travel is Serious Business

Video can tell a thousand stories in just a few seconds!

Motion evokes emotion and postive emotions sell!

In a fast paced world, we work hard and have to take in our information in very fast.  Long videos do not always work.  Our team does all that can to put the most “impact” in the shortest amount of time.   Sometimes very short cinemagraphs will launch people to the locations where they can learn more,  if not they can leave them a short favorable impression until they have more time.

How long until you go on your next vacation?








Our vacation storybook system is loved by resorts and visitors.  The only thing better than this system is to visit the location see a sample of what we can do!

Storybooks are almost as good as time travel.

Stand by, we are about to make some really cool products!  When the first “Tee Shirt” comes off the presses it will be a collectors item.

Motion evokes emotion and postive emotions sell!

The only thing better than being on the water is helping our clients!

Even small amount of motion inspire,  Can we Help You Inspire your clients?


Should we sit around the campfire together?

Want to talk to one of the the Yogacabra Story Tellers, just hit us up.

Family, Tribe, Friends it is all the same thing to us!

Other Members of our Tribe